Monday, August 29, 2016

     I woke up late that morning. Mom and Dad were already at work and I had the house all to myself. I yawned as I fixed myself a bowl of Lucky Charms. Upon setting the box down, I noticed a list on the counter. I sighed. Mom occasionally left me a list of chores. It read,
"-Take out the garbage
  -Pick up from breakfast
  -Clean the attic"

     I took my time eating my breakfast. I was in no hurry to get started. Cleaning the attic was a chore they had me do annually, and I never looked forward to it. I refused to do the easy chores first, so I headed up to the attic as I sipped my coffee.

     There were so many boxes this year. I groaned as I opened the first one. Pictures. It knew it would take a while.

     Several hours later, I finally got to the last box, marked "Christmas." I opened it and sighed in relief. It was full of tree ornaments. I noticed a set I had never seen before. It had a name on each plain white ornament. I recognized a few of the names, but there were several I had never heard before. I picked up the one that said "Victoria," and Feelings began to well up in my chest. Victoria was my sister that had died the year before in a tragic car accident. She was my only family beside my parents, and we were very close.

     Tears begin to fall down my cheeks. I reached to put it back into the box, but my vision was blurred and my hand caught on the edge, causing me to drop the precious ornament. I gasped. And then I heard a familiar voice behind me saying, "Kate?" I turned around and nearly fainted. My sister was sitting on the other side of the attic.

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