Wednesday, March 2, 2016

     I walk down the snowy streets of Chicago, a cold breeze sending shivers up my spine. I breathe into my hands in attempt to warm them, but have no success. In defeat, I shove them into my jacket pockets and begin to admire the world around me. Everything being black and white to me, snow is the only thing that still holds an immense amount of beauty. I've never though much of my disability. Afterall, I don't know any different. I hear people talk of all these colors... red, blue, pink, purple, but never have I had the chance to experience their vibrancy. Being a block away from my small apartment right ouside downtown Chicago, I begin to get excited about getting to warmth after an hour or walking. My exhilaration suddenly fades into anxiety as I see something I know will forever change everything. A man walks across the street, full of bright, vibrant colors. I follow him as he walks into a valley.