Friday, July 1, 2016

     Life was always completely normal. Nothing ever felt off for a moment, and nothing felt surreal. I was always experiences exciting adventures, but Miles, my best friend for as long as I could remember, was often jealous. My parents had more money than they could ever seem to spend, and we were constantly travelling to see unique places. One morning at breakfast, my parents announced we would be going to Amsterdam in two weeks as my graduation gift. I was ecstatic, but nervous, knowing that Miles and I always talked about the place and how we always wanted to go together. My parents never wanted me to invite Miles along, seeing I was an only child and they wanted "quality" time with their son. I understood most of the time, but I felt slightly sick to my stomach about Amsterdam. Miles, who had been spending the night, came downstairs in his pajamas, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. All conversation immediately stopped. "I know I'm ugly in the morning, but you don't have to pause life to acknowledge it." He rolled his eyes. We all laughed nervously.
"Miles, would you like to go to Amsterdam with us?"Mom said nanchalantly. He stopped in the middle of rubbing his eyes and was immediately awake.
"Um, yes. Yes, I would. Are you serious?" He ran down the stairs.
"Yep! I figured that, since this is Harrison's graduation gift, he would prefer if you were there." Mom said, cutting a square out of the edge of her pancake. Miles ran up to me, eyes bright.
"Pinch me if I'm dreaming!"
I laughed as I pinched him, but all smiles faded away as he disappeared into thin air.

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