Monday, June 8, 2015

     Everyone greets me as they always do as I walk down the street, thinking about how this day will just be the same as every other day. Don't get me wrong-- I love my life! I have a decent-paying job, I have a place to stay that overlooks the Miami Beach, I have friends, and I have a family. What else could one ask for? Thing is, there's a whole lot of other things I could ask for, including difference. Difference? You may ask yourself. Well let me explain: walking down the same street every day to work and back, sitting at home half the day. My life has no meaning. And if there's one thing I could ask for in this life, it would be just that. As I walk down this long street on the way home from work, I decide to sit for a while and think. Think about life; about the meaning, and how I could possibly make it better and different. I sit down on a bench and begin watching the kids and the families on the beach. I sigh as I lay down on the hard bench, only to find something sitting on the bench beside me. A notebook. I open it and immediately know things will never be the same.

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  1. Hmmm... I like this paragraph for a book! Or a story I'll probably never finish;-)