Thursday, July 2, 2015

     I feel the sensation of falling. It’s like when you’re in a dream, and it feels so real that the adrenaline in your body wakes you up. Except it doesn’t wake me up, and it never has before. I get closer and closer to the ground, and I try to wake up, but it all seems too real. Once I get to seconds away from hitting the ground, I close my eyes, awaiting the pain that I know will follow. I wake up laying on the ground in a crowded city. There’s people everywhere, yet no one seems to acknowledge that I’m even there. I get this burning sensation in my throat. What is happening? I need water. My throat is so dry I can hardly breathe. Gasping, I stand up and stumble my way to the nearest store, which happens to be a restaurant. “Water… I need…” I begin to cough. My throat is too dry. “…Water!” I run up to one of the waitresses and clench my throat. He doesn’t even notice I’m there. I fall to the ground, unable to breathe. I wake up in nothingness. No light, no sound, just me. What is going on? I close my eyes, trying to get out of this place. When I open them, I’m at the end of a long hallway, and at the other end are two people. I squint, trying to make out their faces, but it’s all just a blur. I close my eyes and rub them, hoping that when I open them, I will be able to see them clearly. When I open them, I’m lying in my bed.